3Shape Scanners at a Glance

As a leading supplier of laboratory CAD/CAM systems and services, we have partnered with 3Shape to provide leading CAD solutions to dental laboratories. The Ivoclar Vivadent International Center for Dental Education offers beginner, intermediate and advanced training courses to help guide your laboratory along a path of continuous growth. Additionally, Ivoclar Vivadent provides ongoing software troubleshooting and support as well as loaner scanners to keep your laboratory productive should your scanner need repair.

3Shape D2000


The D2000 is an all-in-one scanner that provides the highest productivity. The combination of multi-line blue LED technology and two scanning plates means it is possible to scan two working models (including dies) and the registration in one procedure. The scanner is particularly suited to high-end dental laboratories aiming to achieve a high degree of automation. When scanning a three-unit bridge the D2000 saves four out of five steps.

3Shape D1000


The D1000 allows for the scanning of dies directly on the model. This is made possible by the unit’s four high-resolution 5MP cameras. As a result of its high scanning speed, the D1000 is particularly suitable for high-end dental laboratories with high-volume production of digital restorations.

3Shape D900l1


The E1 is the entry-level option for small laboratories with a low volume of CAD/CAM production. It utilizes modern scanning technology including 2 x 5 MP cameras and blue LED multiline scanning for valuable performance.

3Shape E2


The E2 provides notable productivity for laboratories with a medium amount of CAD/CAM production. It offers the additional benefits of texture capture and increased speed over the entry level E1.

3Shape E3


The E3 is the only E series scanner to offer implant bar scanning accuracy and color texture scanning. Additionally, it provides the fastest scanning times of the E series scanners.

3Shape Scanners Comparison

E1 E2 E3 D1000 D2000
Cameras 2 cameras
5.0 megapixels
2 cameras
5.0 megapixels
2 cameras
5.0 megapixels
4 cameras
5.0 megapixels
5 cameras
5.0 megapixels
Light Technology Blue LED - Multi Line Blue LED - Multi Line Blue LED - Multi Line Blue LED - Multi Line Blue LED - Multi Line
High accuracy of fit of crowns and bridges (ISO 12836) 10 microns 10 microns 7 microns 5 microns 5 microns
High accuracy of fit of implant bars 12 microns 12 microns 10 microns 8 microns 8 microns
Die scanning on the model No No No Yes Yes
Working model, die and antagonist scanning in one step No No No No Yes
Texture scanning No Yes
(color texture)
(color texture)
(color texture)
Scan time - single die 25 sec. 20 sec. 18 sec. 15 sec. 15 sec.
Scan time - entire jaw 40 sec. 30 sec. 24 sec. 16 sec. 16 sec.
Scan time - entire jaw impression 130 sec. 90 sec. 80 sec. 65 sec. 65 sec.
Typical software package Dental System
Crown & Bridge
Dental System Premium Dental System Premium Dental System Premium Dental System Premium